We understand attorneys only help with so much and a big portion of the estate can often be cleaning out the house, securing the home, and finding a buyer. 


Consider us as the personal assistant to the personal representative / administrator 


Some of the ways we've helped other families:


Retail sale on the MLS: We are dedicated to selling and we do so through regular open houses, mailers, social media paid for advertising, local print marketing, and more. (this will certainly get you the most money)


Quick sale: (if you this is the best option for you) we can put you in touch with real and active investors that will provide you with an offer within 1-2 days. These are trusted people we have used for many years. We any investors that are not professional. 


Estate Appraisals: We have a list of companies that can provide you with appraising assets inside the home that may be valuable. They will also hold an estate sale and auction these items for you. 


Property Preservation: Winter weather is not good for pipes. You may need to winterize the home to protect the pipes from bursting and flooding the home. They will burst if the home is left untouched. It happens every year. 

                - Lawn maintenance 

                - Changing locks

                - Protection from break-ins


Repairs: If you have a need for any repairs, we can help you get the quotes you need. 


Clean / Trash Out: Usually investors will do this for you, or we can provide you with some quotes to help with any "junk" or personal item removal. 


How we get paid: Normal real estate commissions - through the sale of the listing. No other fees. 


We have helped 100s of families by relieving them of some of the responsibility.  We will do the same for you.

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